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Author Topic: Live Training  (Read 4073 times)

18 Oct 21:34 UTC
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Daniel Ridley AUR106

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Live Training
« on: 18 Oct 21:34 UTC »
Hello All,

Shortly I will be commencing (For owners of the Majestic Q400 Pro Edition) live shared cockpit training sessions, these sessions can be booked for 1 - 2 hours and dependent on mentor availability.
This is in extension for the new Multicrew Section where I hope to allow pilots to fly shared cockpit sessions for the VA.

I am looking into the best way to implement shared cockpit flight operations and this will be confirmed at a later date. At this time (Pending Instructors) live sessions will be ONLY for the Q400, the Aerosoft Airbus will come at a later date.

A mutlitude of courses are planned;

Complete Beginner
Basic introduction to the Q400, systems explanation, basic planning and training flights

Systems Beginner
More detailed look at the systems, including autopilot and basic FMS

Detailed look into the FMS, including setup and flight plan entry

FMS Advanced
Advanced FMS operation including holds and custom waypoints

First Flights
Take to the air with your mentor and gain first hand flying experience at one of our training

Line Training
With your mentor it’s time to do some full flights, before finally doing a full return sector
fully loaded with passengers

Challenging Approaches
Take your Q400 to the next level and shoot some challenging approaches such as Innsbruck
and Chambery

Realistic Multi-crew Operations
It’s time to knock up the immersion! Move onto more advanced flows and checklists, learn
roles of both pilots, and operate several return sectors “on the line”

Get a quick run through the Q400 including a flight, to get you back in the loop.

When Things Go Wrong…
It can’t always be plain sailing! Learn how to deal with various failures and emergencies,
including engine failures and fires, take-off aborts and a landing gear failure!
Time to earn your wings! You can take to the skies with your mentor (or two!) or a friend for
the most demanding part of pilot training. Your instructor will cause untold misery with
failures left right and centre!

Due to the vast content and limited time available, courses will take several sessions to
complete. Depending on demand and instructor availability group sessions maybe setup to
cover demand.

I will add more information over time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Daniel Ridley
Chief Operating Officer
Training Manager